Which local communication strategy for Mazda France?


「2018年からMediakeysPlatformはディーラーのデジタル通信をサポートしています。 このプラットフォームにより、各自動車販売店は、販売地域のみを対象とし、ホワイトリストに登録されたブランドセーフなWebサイトの環境で、数回クリックするだけでキャンペーンを開始できます。 Mediakeysと協力して、パフォーマンスを監視および最適化します。」

Guillaume Masset (ギヨーム・マセ)、コミュニケーション&デジタルマネージャー - Mazda France

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Mazda France wanted to launch personalized digital advertising campaigns for 106 different points of sales in order to promote specific offers, depending on the brand's promotional calendar.


  • A white-labeled platform has been custom-designed for Mazda. It includes a suite of proprietary tools (Adbuilder, Geobuilder, Adserver) in order to give full autonomy to the car dealers.
  • Each car dealer owns a dedicated account with all the campaign settings previously embedded. Such as the store's name, street address, sales territory, a banner set designed by Mazda's head office and customizable on the fly.
  • Mazda car dealers are now able to launch digital advertising campaigns in just a few clicks. The ads are delivered exclusively to internet-users present in the dealership's sales territory.

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