Technology: the Mediakeys difference


Multi local campaign activation

For organizations with multiple locations

Possibility to set up one campaign template to activate hyper local advertising campaigns over hundreds of point of sales.

One point of sale, one budget, one campaign

Each point of sale benefits from its own micro campaign, tailored to its budget and catchment area. Billing can also be handled at points of sale level, avoiding the emission of hundreds of individual invoices. Billing and payment are directly available within the platform.

Territory management

Territory management

  • Choose between dozens of administrative divisions, each specific to your targeted country: regions, cities, ZIP code, neighborhoods and more.
  • Or draw your own areas using polygon shapes for more precision.

Proprietary bidder

Our proprietary bidder gives you access to a fully disclosed ad inventory while blacklisting undisclosed inventory from SSPs.

Our clients can bid directly on publisher inventory without intermediaries, while other platforms typically take a 10-20% SSP fee per bid. The absence of intermediaries in the process ensures our clients always get the best price, without hidden fees.

Some of our technical partners

We work with trusted third-party services to:

  • ensure the quality and reliability of our metrics, including viewability and delivered impressions,
  • provide advertisers with relevant data dimensions for effective targeting.