Strategic and technical support

Our team of experienced digital media planners and full-stack developers are here to help you plan and optimize your campaigns.

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Programmatic Managed Services

Campaign planning, media planning, campaign setup

Share your campaign strategy with us and our team of account managers will design a detailed media plan that helps you address your target audience and reach your campaign KPIs.

With ad operations spanning all continents and over 25 years experience in ad campaign management, our experts know how to add value to your advertising spend.

No experience in setting up campaigns? Save precious time and hassle by letting our media traders do the hard work.

Optimization & Reporting

Once your campaign is live, our media traders and optimization algorithms start to optimize
your campaign in real time to find inventory offering the best performances.

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Responsive technical support

Our platform is highly automated, but that does not mean that technology replaces people. Our clients have access to a support team to assist with platform troubleshooting and technical issues.

  • dedicated technical support via live chat
  • training material and videos available
  • on-site and online platform training