Multilocal digital advertising for retail networks and brands

International and hyper local

Most programmatic campaigns at a national scale tend to yield results in large cities only because the volume of available impressions will lead to a price drop in CPM. In this context, local advertisers in smaller cities might not get the number of relevant impressions they paid for. With Mediakeys Platform, you are assured your programmatic advertising is always precisely targeted and cost-effective, whatever the target country.

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Brand consistency and mass customization

Use our DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation) tool to create hyper-relevant local ads, which engage your audience with customized creatives.

You remain in control of your Master creatives, ensuring consistency across ad variants, while allowing your points of sale (PoS) to tailor ads to their local audience.

Use data to tailor ad content to specific personas or audiences to serve more relevant ads.

With Mediakeys platform, a restaurant chain can for instance launch 3 different display advertising campaigns for its 600 franchises without having to design 1800 individual ad variants: micro campaigns can be launched at an industrial scale with minimum effort and budget.


Advanced retail network management

Managing digital advertising at scale with dozens of campaigns and hundreds of points of sale doesn’t have to be an organizational nightmare.

The Mediakeys platform offers a flexible architecture that can be adapted to any type of organization.

Easily grant access and administrative rights with granular roles for both brand representatives (sales or network manager, web designer, Product manager, etc.) and each PoS: retail managers and head offices can easily access campaign analytics or spending.

Flexible billing management

Points of sale receive individual invoices and pay only for their own campaign spend: no more handling hundreds of invoices or chasing after payments.