All-in-One advertising platform

Creative suite

Extensive ad inventory with Real Time Bidding management

Our proprietary bidder is specifically designed for local campaigns and gives you direct access to the best marketplaces and top-tier publishers.

  • Access over 80 Supply Side Platforms plus 50 data and tech partners with ad inventory including mobile, desktop and tablets for display, social, native or drive-to-store campaigns.
  • Our proprietary bidder automatically optimizes bids in real-time so that your advertising budget always yields the best return on investment.
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Creative suite

Flexible creative suite

The Mediakeys AdBuilder creative suite allows you to easily build static or animated web banners. Create a large number of IAB-standard HTML banners and customize them in bulk: no graphic design or technical skills required.

  • Choose from 20+ standard-size layouts from our gallery to create banner sets.
  • Bulk edit images, text, and buttons from a single master banner: changes are reflected through your complete banner set.
  • Use dynamic text fields to automatically create ad banners based on location, points of sale name, or destination URL.
  • Work with animation and transitions to create attractive animated visuals.

Advanced geotargeting

Target specific neighborhoods and create hyper granular geofences around areas of interest to reach mobile and desktop. Your advertising budget is spent only within your sales territory.

  • Advanced targeting by state, county, region, city, postcode, ZCTA and more: our platform takes into account each country’s specific administrative division.
  • Go beyond simple radius targeting with polygon shapes: easily create custom fencing with pinpoint precision.
  • Brands with multiple points of sale can allocate their marketing budget and manage billing with unprecedented precision.
Detailed analytics

Detailed analytics & real-time optimization

Make better decisions and optimize media efficiency with real-time reporting.

  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Reporting metrics: clicks, click through rate, daily spend, impressions/clicks per day, heat maps, best performing publishers, store visits, viewable impressions.
  • Need more granular or customized reporting? Talk to one of our representatives for bespoke reports that meet your needs.
Team collaboration

Advanced team collaboration

Conciliate central and local management with a flexible architecture designed for your organization.

Our user management feature allows the definition of roles and profiles with granular permissions for agency teams or retailer networks.

  • Template management: define guidelines and ad templates at account level and keep control of your brand identity.
  • Customization capabilities: run brand-compliant campaigns and localize ads with structural and contextual data.
  • Decentralized ads management and billing: points of sale and retailers can define target audiences, budget and campaign dates independently.