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A full stack and independent programmatic platform, the alternative to GAFAM

Inventory objectivity, brand safety, virtues of an independent programmatic solution: overview in 80 seconds with Jérôme Carrière, CTO at MEDIAKEYS PLATFORM.

What is your job?

My job at Mediakeys Platform consists of orchestrating the technical team to make available the platform for our clients.

What development improvements this year?

This year, we are in the process of completely revamping the UI and UX in order to offer a much easier customer journey for the advertisers.

What are Mediakeys Platform strengths against GAFAM?

We have a proprietary bidder. Our full-stack platform is connected to several SSP. This allows us to choose agnostically on which inventory we will be serving the ads.

Is Brand Safety a priority for your team?

Absolutely. To do this, we have set two tools. First, we work with a trusted third party called IAS, which is connected to our platfrom in pre-bid. That means that before bidding on an inventory, we will make sure it is safe for the brands. Then, we also have our own algorithms. So we automatically reject all undisclosed investory. We do not buy sub-networks, only site to site. Which allows us to have full transparency on the websites
we display for our clients.

Is being independent a guarantee of flexibility?

Yes definitely. In fact, we have release processes very close to each others in feature team mode and we are able to do one, two, or three releases per day depending on demand and the evolution of functionalities.