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Promote a new optical equipment using geographical datas

Optic 2000 & Nikon partnership

Optic 2000 wanted to promote an offer of anti-blue light optical lenses, developed with Nikon technology to protect the eyes against the harmful effects of computer screens.

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Optic 2000 wishes to set up a hyperlocal digital strategy adapted to the 1062 points of sale participating in the operation in order to communicate on the anti-blue light optical glasses offer within the target areas of the brand's points of sale and generate store traffic.


  • Creation of a content personalization strategy to enhance the point of sale closest to the targeted Internet user
  • Mediakeys has developed a landing page and banners by integrating DCO technology to automatically modify data present on creations in real-time according to the geolocation of the POS and the Internet user (address, postal code, city)
  • The landing pages offered a responsive design for Desktop / Mobile devices and broadcast informative content on blue light while highlighting the geolocation of the nearest Optic 2000 store.
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A powerful tool to master the target areas

In a much restricted context than that of the current pandemic, it is more than recommended to think of your advertising campaigns on a local rather than national scale. By local, we mean campaigns that are activated and tracked in real-time using dynamic geographic targeting that must take into account the differences between territories.

Thanks to our Geobulider, we were able to guarantee opticians the dissemination of their advertising within their contracted catchment area and thus facilitate their analyzes and decision-making by exploiting all the cartographic intelligence of the data

  • Heat maps
  • Exact geolocation of all information (prospects, customers, stores etc.)
  • Creation of catchment areas (isodistances, isochrones, isometric)
  • Creation of itinerary etc.

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