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We support CARMILA to define and deliver mobile drive-to-store campaigns of the group's malls.

Since 2021, CARMILA, the third largest listed company of Carrefour, has entrusted its Italian drive-to-store campaigns to the Mediakeys platform. We support its local online communication through a series of mobile campaigns planned in synergy with all other Medias and determined with a high level of precision, both in defining the target and the distribution area.

“For Carmilla, the concept of proximity is the fundamental value that accompanies it and the polar star that guides every initiative to be organized, decision to be made and objective to be pursued. Sharing this important principle with Mediakeys Platform has allowed us to be immediately in tune: Thanks to it, we can reach our current customers and others prospects who perfectly reflect the characteristics consistent with our mall’s target audience.”

Sarah Rivellese - Digital Marketing Manager CARMILA

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Generate traffic to the stores and collect data to simplify and improve the daily life of merchants and local customers through a mobile drive-to-store campaign in synergy with all other Medias.


  • Creation of a series of geotarget planning on selected and specific audiences for each campaign, in strategic coordination with the other Medias in order to ensure an organic optimization of the user experience for the reached consumers and an optimal brand perception
  • Implementation of custom creative banners and DCO activation
  • Measurement of results in terms of conversions at points of sale

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