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Multi-local and multi-channel communication : a new key issue for organizations with multiple locations

Uses digitalisation and new social trends, aspiring to reconnect with local commerce, have changed the situation. Current events (climate crisis, war in Ukraine) further reinforce this need for proximity in the act of purchasing. Brands have to rethink their strategy by capitalizing on the customer expertise of their network. By adopting full stack technologies solutions, they have a tool to launch and optimize multi-local and multi-channel for point of sales.

Mass media and 100% global communication : an outdated model for organizations with multiple locations

Local communication was for a long time ignored by brands. On their side, national headquarters had for a long time favored a centralized strategy, driven by the mass media. Local sales managers, little demanded by their network head and missing marketing skills, had no choice to reproduce each year the same schemas on the same traditional supports, printed and local press.

Digitalisation and needs to localize : 2 trends that are transforming the customer relationship

These days, things are different. The advent of the web and its new devices have created new uses, opening new possibilities. Thanks to web interactivity, internet users can establish a more confident relationship with their favorite brands. Covid’s pandemic has accelerated its digitalisation process. Lockdown and working from home has contributed to increased time passed in front of a screen.

At the same time and paradoxically, emerging threats to our society (pandemic, climatic crisis, lack of energy and raw materials made even more important by the war in Ukraine) have shaken population confidence in a mondial model. Consumers want values like “made in France” and “consume locally”. Increasingly refractory to mass communication, they strive to form a special relationship with their local retailers.

It’s on these two points, digitalisation and local presence, that organizations with multiple locations have to build their communication strategy these days. This new situation can be summarized in two figures. 50% of consumers report planning to continue to make purchases on physical channels in 2030 (according to KantarTNS/Comarch). But 93% of those who bought a product in a shop did a search on the Internet first.

Local communication is more than ever at heart of the challenging facing organizations with multiple locations

Brands become aware that they have to think about local communication. To answer new consumers' aspirations and to better adapt to local specificities, they have understood the opportunity represented by their point of sales and their irreplaceable knowledge of their local customers.

At the same time, it is no longer about letting each point of sale manage its communication as they want. To conciliate its global strategy and local actions, managers of organizations have to build, in collaboration with their local teams, a point of sales marketing in a drive-to-store ambition.

Multi-local digital communication on one platform

To do this, managers have new solutions and digital tools that open their possibilities in geographic, social and economic targeting.

In this way, Mediakeys Platform gives them the possibility to count on their retail networks while controlling the messages sent, in respect of their national strategy, brand image and graphic charter. Concretely, the launch of multi-locals campaigns is simple : the headquarters manage advertising creations and provide an inventory of templates (pictures, messages) and a target audience specific for each point of sale of its network. The retailers can activate and personalize its campaign in a few clicks.

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Mediakeys Platform : a multi-channels solution for advertisers and agencies

The technological solution created by Mediakeys Group contributes to the democratization of digital media by opening at local advertisers an access to display, videos, social media campaigns, native ads or search. And it is even more important that multi-channels communication is another key issue for brand strategy. To optimize the conversion funnel in a drive-to-store logic, mixing media has become essential today.

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