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Mitsubishi Motors uses Mediakeys Platform technology for its drive to store.

In order to increase its visibility and leads in its car dealerships, Mitsubishi Motors relies on Mediakeys Platform to conduct a full digital and multi-format campaign mixing national and multi-local targeting. All this was enhanced by the creation of a personalized PMP and dedicated landing pages. An operation which displays good drive-to-store and drive-to-web performance.

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An objective of notoriety and traffic, with the Eclipse Cross as the figurehead

Mitsubishi Motors France uses Mediakeys Platform to drive the multi-local and multi-levers communication of its network. At the beginning of 2022, the brand with 3 diamonds requested the Mediakeys Platform teams to imagine an action to promote the Eclipse Cross model within the catchment areas and territories of each dealer in the network.

The objective of the campaign? To reinforce the visibility and image of the brand in France. This action targeted at the top of the funnel encourages lead generation on the website. At the local level, it allows to establish a drive-to-store dynamic on all the points of sale.

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A multi-format campaign linking national and multi-local levers

The teams of Mitsubishi France and Mediakeys Platform have jointly developed a 100% digital action on 2 geographical dimensions:

1. national multi-support campaigns (display, IAB, native, video)

2. a multi-local variation of these campaigns.

Geolocation targeting and locally optimized visuals

The diffusion of creations adapted to the stakes of each point of sale was made possible by the technological functionalities of the Mediakeys Platform:

- Geographic targeting at the ISO in order to match the catchment areas of each of the sales outlets exclusively.

- a DCO customization tool for banners.

Therefore, the address of the local dealer appears on any printout obtained in its pre-defined catchment area. A drive to store format giving the distance to the nearest dealership has been broadcast to boost traffic at the point of sale.

Contextual targeting, private marketplace and retargeting

In addition, to make the campaign even more qualitative, the Mediakeys Platform teams have developed partnerships and built an integrated premium targeting for the occasion:

- contextual targeting associated with a selective Private Marketplace (PQR, News, car...) then the retargeting

- lead generation mechanisms based on the "comparator" lever.

Landingpages mitsu v2

Landing pages created for the occasion

Finally, still with a view to visibility and brand image, the system has been completed by the setup of 2 landing pages: one national, the other local customized with the information of each dealership.

The results

In terms of spin-offs, the campaign generated, in the 1st trimester :
- 30% increase in overall traffic to
- Increase of the test requests

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