We help Mazda manage local campaigns with their dealerships

Mazda France needed to bring support to their dealerships by setting up a unified, hyperlocal communication strategy.

“We’ve been working with Mediakeys Platform since 2018 to support our dealerships in their digital communications. The platform allows each car dealership to launch campaigns in just a few clicks, targeting only its sales territory and in an environment of whitelisted and brand safe websites. Performance is monitored and optimized in collaboration with Mediakeys.”

Guillaume Masset, Communications & digital manager - Mazda France

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  • To launch a national campaign of hyperlocal ads with customized assets for 106 different PoS.


  • A white-label platform, designed for Mazda, giving full autonomy to their PoS, and including our proprietary set of tools: Adbuilder, Geobuilder, and DSP.
  • A dedicated account for each dealership: each account is ready to use and set up with PoS data such as catchment area, street address, etc.
  • A set of banner templates set up by Mazda’s head office and customizable on the fly.

Thanks to my campaigns with Mediakeys Platform, my sessions increased by 345% over the year 2019 compared to 2018. I had several leads during the year so I am planning to launch two Mediakeys Platform campaigns per Quater.

A Mazda car dealership manager

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