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4 questions to Maxime Cailteaux, Head of acquisition at Mediakeys Platform

What is your role at Mediakeys?

I have a rather transversal role on lead generations, drive to store and on-site purchases problematics for different clients: airlines, telecoms, retail industry.

What are the platform benefits ?

First, I'll say its granularity. We can have a national, regional, departmental, communal or hyperlocal targeting.

Second advantage: the platform il is the turnkey solution. It is really easy to use so our clients can quickly pick up the different tool functionalities.

At last, it is a french technology. There are not so many french platforms. it's good to have one that makes an alternative to GAFAM. I think that's something we really have to cherish.

How do you use the platform?

Mediakeys platform, I use it to centralize my campaigns with all the levers: SEA, display, videos, native. I have a dashboard where I have a centralized view of all my campaigns.
It really allows me to have synergy and a truly global vision from start to finish.

What does it mean from a marketing point of view?

From a marketing perspective, I use it in the top of the funnel to feed our audiences and then at the bottom of the funnel, I will retarget them. This allows us to have really ideal performances within the same platform.