Back-to-school shopping: how to help brands succeed with funnel marketing to convert more customers?

Back-to-school is coming. A crucial time for households with many expenses (school supplies, winter clothing, equipment). The inflationary trend of the last few months doesn’t help, consumers will be more than ever attentive to their choices of products and ranges. For brands, it’s therefore crucial to be visible and to track their prospects all along the purchasing act. In order to do this, advertisers are relying more and more on online advertising, in a web-to-store logic. Programmatic campaigns are extremely effective, provided that you know how to combine different levers to achieve a successful conversion funnel. The set-up should aim for maximum efficiency and an optimal ROI. Here is a concrete example.

A short story about funnel

The summer break is over! Lisa is coming back to work. This morning, before coming to work, she goes on the internet, on the familial computer. During her browsing, a web banner appears for a famous optician brand. The advertisement is eye-catching for Lisa because she is planning to change her glasses. Lisa knows this brand, but she wouldn’t have thought of it spontaneously.

In the subway that takes her to the office, Lisa finds her favorite app on her smartphone. A banner advertising of the same brand appears at the bottom of her screen.

During her lunch break, Lisa reads an online article on her local newspapers website. This time, it's a native ad, in the middle of the article, that reminds her of the same brand.

The banner indicates to Lisa the address of the store nearest to her home.

The same evening, Lisa starts a search on Google to find a good optician in her city. The brand of the famous optician appears at the top of the page among the ads. Lisa consults a few sites and compares the prices, those of the brand seems to correspond to her budget. And it is a famous brand. Lisa feels tempted to order but still hesitates.

Then Lisa goes on her social networks before her children come back from school. Once again, she comes across an ad highlighting a brand promo and giving her the address of the nearest point of sale. She clicks on the link, looks at the offer, which seems really interesting.

Moreover, the glasses are awesome! It's decided. Tomorrow, Lisa will go to the store.

The conversion funnel: a strategic opportunity for online advertising

This short story illustrates the importance for a brand to follow an Internet user throughout his or her purchasing journey. The different levers available on the web are complementary to support the consumer in his decision making:

- The TOFU (Top of the funnel), the first step of the funnel, aims to increase brand awareness, to arouse interest among the largest number. National campaigns, integrating messages and visuals promoting the brand are particularly effective here, relayed by display, mobile or video banners.

- The MOFU (Middle of the funnel) must transform the prospect into a lead in order to prepare him for a possible conversion. The consumer has seen the brand, he is likely to inquire about it before making a purchase: the search campaigns allow the brand to be installed among his possible choices.

- At the BOFU step (Bottom of the funnel), all that remains is to encourage the customer to make a purchase. This is the time to integrate attractive Call to Action in web banners and Social Media ads, to announce a specific offer, then to direct the lead to a landing page or the brand's website.

Follow the web-to-store trend with omnichannel and geolocation campaigns

Follow the web-to-store trend with omnichannel and geolocation campaigns

Web-to-store has become an unavoidable trend. According to a BVA study, 93% of consumers who bought a product in store did a web search before. This buying behavior is a new deal and an opportunity for retail networks. By using technologies such as the Mediakeys platform, specialized in the setup of multi-local campaigns, retailers can, with a single tool, coordinate campaigns on all devices and all digital formats: display, video, native ads, social media, SEA, Waze...

By following the advice of dedicated teams, brands can manage a device that guides the consumer through the entire funnel. And encourage them to choose their products for their back-to-school shopping!