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5 questions to Hugo Etievant, account director at Mediakeys Platform

What is your job?

My mission is to support our clients in their digital advertising projects rom start to finish.

It starts with the client brief. I am also participating in strategic recommendation and consulting. Obviously, everything follows: the deployment of digital campaigns, the follow-up, the campaign optimizations and the reporting."

What is the real strength of the platform?

The real strength of the platform, in my opinion, is its ability to target geographically in hyper local. "That means we can, in just a few clicks, target any given area with a precise granularity, which is in fact very important for clients with multiple catchment areas who deal with local problematics.

Can we activate several digital levers at once?

Absolutely. We really have this capacity within the platform to be able to activate in a single campaign, several digital levers.Initially, we could only activate classical levers as display, native and video, but progressively, we were able to connect our platform to the APIs of Facebook, Google, and Waze and very soon a DOOH part.

Is it efficient?

We have a performance-centric vision, because we are in a logic of optimization (whether it is about the creative or from a geographical point of view) and try to really look for the best performances on each lever of the campaign. That means we will optimize and weight the investments according to the performances of each lever.

Which project are you most proud of?

The projects I am most proud of are the one that are set in a multi-year time framework so the key thread projects on which I could be present. Being present from the start of the campaign, as soon as the brief is taken, to be on the recommendation side and to deploy the campaigns on any given levers. Take care of campaign, obtain concrete results that fit the client's expectations and even delivering better results, higher than initial client's expectations, is something quite exciting, when you are a project manager.